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I'm currently working at La Boite Biscuits & Spices, founded and managed by spice master Lior Lev Sercarz, who has created custom blends for some of the world's top culinary minds. If by some weird coincidence you still haven't heard about La Boite, you should definitely stop by.





Another culinary brand that I have the privilege to work with is NYSHUK, the art of couscous. NYSHUK was created by the amazing Arazi couple - Ron Arazi, chef and baker & Leetal Arazi - pastry chef, food photographer & stylist. Their goal is to create an interpretation of their own heritage; traditional Jewish middle eastern food. 


I acquired many of my marketing skills way back in 2002 during my military service in Israel where I grew up. I put them into practice for four years as a PR & marketing consultant at Euro Israel and later on Shalom Tel Aviv. During that time, I completed my Law Degree with honors (cum laude). Since arriving in NYC I have chosen to focus my marketing skills in the food category, not just because of my passion for the culinary world but also because this category behaves differently and is led by different parameters such as standards, reputation & consumer experiences.

During my years in PR and marketing I dealt with leading Internationl and local (Israeli) brands.


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