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I'll get you noticed...


Whether you own a restaurant or a culinary product line, you must have a compelling story, a focused message, a clear target audience and a consistent look & feel. I'll be asking you all the hard questions and help come up with the smart and differentiating answers.


Launching/re-launching a restaurant, a store or even a product is never easy. knowing what to say and to whom can make all the difference. I will help build and execute a thought out communication plan that will get people talking about your brand.


Small businesses need each other today more than ever. It is all about creating a win-win value proposition combined with a smile and good intent. I will help identify potential partnerships for your business - from new distribution channels to new products. 


 You know that thing you've planning to do but still haven't gotten around to it? Well it's time to get it done. Together we will break down a complicated assignment into manageable small assignments and we'll build a time line with deadlines, responsibilities and status check ups.


Seeing your business through the eyes of your customers is crucial in creating an unforgettable experience that will stay with people long after they have left your place. Turning customers into advocates is all about noticing the little things and about the final touch.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin... They all have one thing in common - building relationships with your existing and potential customers. I will help prioritize the various digital options and build a set of guidelines for each platform.

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